Learn To Scuba Dive

Learning to scuba dive is an amazing experience.  From taking your first breath underwater to reaching that 60 foot mark for the first time on an open water dive or even seeing your first Octopus, you're going to be captivated with our underwater world.  Becoming a scuba diver isn't difficult but it will require a small commitment of time and the costs can vary slightly depending on the dive shop.  The dive shops on the map below are all offering open water certification courses in British Columbia.

Recommendation:  Go for the dry suit certification as part of your open water course as the scuba diving in British Columbia is cold water diving.  A dry suit will be more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Open Water Certification

Get Your Learn To Scuba Dive Questions Answered

Scuba stands for "Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus".  It's how you're going to breath underwater.

It can vary a little bit between dive shops but somewhere between $800 - $1200 in Canadian dollars is a good budget for the course.  You'll probably want to buy your own personal gear too such as a mask and snorkel.

The majority of dive shops offering open water certification will provide you with the gear necessary to learn how to scuba dive.  Most shops will recommend you at least get your own mask, snorkel, and fins.  Our suggestion would be to wait on the fins as rentals are plentiful and you might want to try a few different types of fins out on a few dives before figuring out what's going to work for you.