More Scuba Diving Websites

There is so much more amazing scuba diving content for you consume that is specific to diving in British Columbia.  There are some amazing local content creators with their own websites, blogs, and YouTube Channels.  We've listed several of them here for you to explore.

Victoria BC Diving (  Mark has put together an amazing website here for anyone coming to dive in BC, especially on Vancouver Island.  He's literally visited every Vancouver Island dive site you can think of and he's provided great write-ups about his dives along with a ton of awesome photography.  Mark has a Vimeo channel as well with a few hundred diving videos from mostly Vancouver Island dives.  Mark's site has been incredibly helpful when trying to organize all of these amazing local dive sites into our interactive map.  His site is truly a local gem that is a wealth of information about diving Vancouver Island and other parts of BC.

More BC & Vancouver Island Outdoor Websites

GoHiking - A locally built Vancouver Island website catering to outdoor enthusiasts with detailed information about our wildlife, our plants, various trails, caves, beaches, and outdoor attractions.  They have an entire section of the website devoted to fish and other marine life you can find while scuba diving around Vancouver Island too.  A site you must bookmark if you're from here or are planning on visiting here and want detailed information about things to see and things to do.

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